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Sasquatch Field Research Series:

Tracking II





In 2004 we were the first to create a tracker training program for the sasquatch field researcher.  Now we have accomplished another first; we've created a DVD with two hours of relevant tracking information oriented to the sasquatch field researcher. 


It is difficult for a non-tracker to understand the relevance of tracking to field research.  Tracking is not only about seeing sign and following a trail.  Ultimately tracking is about reading the environment and making sense of that environment.  Those of us who use tracking in our research can't imagine going into the field and not being, at the very least, "track aware."  In short, due to our tracking ability we can read the environment and know whether or not sasquatches have recently been in that environment.  Using tracking skills we have been able to find and locate sasquatch track and sign, hair samples, tree formations and kill sites.  Tracking provides a clearer picture of sasquatch activity than any other form of observation.  We discuss all of this in our video.


This video is the second in a series of videos oriented towards making you a better field researcher. In this video we provide you with yet more techniques to add to your expanding skill-set.   Get this video and start your journey of discovery.


Here are some of the topics covered in this video:

  • Disturbance Examples In Varied Terrain

  • Last Known Point/Point Last Seen - Where To Begin

  • Sign Cutting Basics

  • Lost Track Recovery Techniques

  • Techniques For Closing The Time Distance Gap

  • Profiling

  • And More







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