Tracking for the

Sasquatch Researcher

Become a better field researcher by learning to read, interpret, and follow sign.




Visual Tracking

Level 2

We will be known by the tracks we leave behind.

                                                --Dakota Proverb


When you go out to the scene of a possible sasquatch sighting do you see everything there is to see?


Do you understand everything that you do see?


If not, this course is for you!




This program was started in 2004 when we started training individual investigators, one-on-one, in visual tracking skills to aid in their field research.  In 2007 we offered the first ever sasquatch oriented visual tracking training program to larger groups.  The program has grown and we have now trained sasquatch field researchers all over the United States. This training program is modeled after the same training program that we use to train search and rescue (SAR) and law enforcement personnel.  The difference, however, is that we present to the student tracker what we know about sasquatch tracking, ecology and behavior.  You can come to us for training or we can come to you.  The training program is taught through our tracking and survival school, the Professional Tracking Institute, LLC.



This 24 hour course will provide lecture, visual aids and tracking field work.  Field training will allow student ďhands-onĒ practice of more advanced mantracking techniques.  This course will cover:

   ● Sign-Cutting Techniques

   ● Lost track recovery methods

   ● Closing the time/distance gap

   ● "S" tracking

   ● "Bump" tracking

   ● Identifying and tracking the evader

   ● Tracking Team Security Issues






Tracking students are required to bring a pen/pencil, note pad, a small tape measure, a three cell flashlight (even if you have a headlamp) and a 5/8 inch wooden dowel (36 to 40 inches long), with three rubber bands (or "o" rings) to be used as a tracking stick. 


In addition, it is recommended that you bring a camp chair, extra batteries, a small mirror, and a small field pack in which to carry basic items as: bottled water, cap, jacket, gloves, knee pads, snacks, insect repellant, sun screen, and/or a small first aid kit.


Come to the class dressed for comfort for both indoors and outdoors.  Students should come to training courses suitably equipped (clothing) for any type of weather.  Tracking training continues during inclement weather, unless it becomes physically hazardous for students and instructors to work in the field.  This may include cold, wet, hot, dry, humid, or any combination of these weather conditions. Clothing items should always include: good field foot gear, a hat with a sun-shade brim and gloves.



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Participants who complete the course will receive a Visual Tracking - Level 2 certificate of training.



It should be noted that this program is a tracking skills development program not a certification program.








I wanted to thank you all for coming down and giving us more tools for the trade sort to speak. Your team gave us all some valuable information in more ways than one. Your team did an excellent job on training our team and this will help us in our efforts in the research of these wonderful creatures of the forests.

I personally enjoyed every minute of the class and being around such an experienced bunch of individuals that know their stuff on many levels. This class has opened my eyes to tracking as well as researching this subject with a better understanding now.

I like your thoughts on "first contact" and want to employ that thought with our team as well.  I don't believe in exploiting these creatures.  Man is doing that by taking away their forests already.

I would encourage anyone that has not taken a tracking class to contact the Enigma Research Group. Your team is very impressive and your knowledge will go far with those that take your class.  I know the knowledge I have now is just the start of it and I can't wait to catch the next class.

Thank you again for everything, your team ranks very highly with me.

D. Sidoti




I truly enjoyed the tracking class.  It was thorough, informative, and well done.  The members of Enigma Research Team worked to teach and encourage each of us to become successful trackers.  Finding each foot fall in many different types of terrain seemed daunting at first, but as we gained confidence and experience, the pace quickened and we began to predict where to look for the next step.   We were so completely involved in this undertaking that time ceased to exist and we were surprised when we realized how much time had passed.  We gained enough knowledge to be somewhat disappointed by how quickly we accomplished our night tracking assignment. 


I found the class worth the time and money invested.  Honing my tracking skills will be an important objective and great help as I continue field research.


Thanks again for a wonderful class.


C. Duez




Thanks so much for the tracking class it was an eye opener. Even though I thought I was smart about seeing tracks and identifying them, after taking the course and becoming track aware I realize I was only fooling myself about it.  Your course showed me how ignorant I truly was in this aspect of researching or investigating. Being an active Bigfoot investigator for some 5 years now I think anyone going out in the woods to research or investigate sittings should take this course. Otherwise you could be just wasting your time and missing key signs unseen by the untrained eye that have been left behind.  I look forward to honing my new found skill and hope we will soon cross paths again.

W. Douglas




This course was by far the most educational outdoor activity I have ever been a part of. I have been in the mountains in one form or another for over thirty years in Yellowstone and Utah. Whether it was hiking, scouting, photographing, exploring, camping, hunting, instructing, or guiding I thought I knew a thing or two. I have always been fascinated with tracking. I think I waited so long to actually take a tracking class because I was having so much success with the knowledge I had gained from my experiences. With my focused changed from hunting large game to researching Bigfoot I knew I didnítí know much if anything at all about the subject. I wanted to learn from the best and I wanted to learn how to track them. Through their course and the knowledge they shared I was able to track a human track line that was twenty four hours old and had gone through several hours of heavy rain. That night I was able to track even older tracks that had been rained on. I know this is only the beginning of something totally awesome but I was given a very firm foundation. I also found out how much I didnít know about tracking and there is so much more to learn. I wish I would have been smart enough at a young age to have taken a class like this. This old dog has been taught some new tricks. I am now looking forward to learning more about the subject and I canít get enough. Hats off to our instructors and my many thanks. I am very grateful they took the time to come to Utah and show our team how to track and be more aware of what is going on around us. They taught so much more than just tracking. I also had tons of fun, met some great people and hopefully made some lifelong friends.

J. Salmond




I am a Desert Storm Veteran. I was honorably discharged from the Navy after 9 years of active duty and I have been employed as a Deputy Sheriff for the last 10 1/2 years. This is a short and basic summary of my adult life. I recently took and completed a tracking course titled Visual Tracking Course Level One, Introduction to Human Tracking which covered learning how to track people (and animals in some cases) out in the wilderness. The course was facilitated by C. Leigh Culver and JT McAvoy.


I thought, being in Law Enforcement, this would be a relevant area of expertise for me to try and assimilate. Leigh and JT did an outstanding job teaching a group of people who had virtually no background or experience at all in this area. They (Leigh and JT) demonstrated an intimate knowledge of tracking in the wilderness, incredible patience with their students and an unwavering attention to detail. They also had no problem getting down in the dirt to help us find sign and interpret what we were looking at. At 39 years old and having been all over the world, I thought I knew a lot. Leigh and JT really helped me to open my eyes and see things in my surroundings out in the woods, that I would have walked right by previously. They also helped me realize that in the world of the wilderness and nature, I still have a lot to learn.


It was a very worthwhile and informative course and I would strongly recommend it to anybody who spends or is considering spending time outdoors, camping, fishing or what have you. It is also is a very good course for anybody who works in Law Enforcement. I am looking forward to taking the level 2 visual tracking course whenever it is offered.


A. Rodriguez




I would have never dreamed that I could learn so much in such a short time. Now that I have completed the class, I can't imagine how I could continue doing research without these skills. Not only did I learn a great deal, but I also had a great time doing it!  We were also lucky enough to be in an area of on going Squatch activity and actually found a recent track line with our new found skills. A track line that would have otherwise gone unnoticed. I highly recommend this course.


K. Smykal




This course is invaluable to anyone that wants to really perfect their tracking skills be it man, animal or bigfoot. The course will teach you two main things. One, don't doubt your own abilities and two, you can track through anything if you have a good team and patience. No one that spends time in the woods or trying to track should miss this course. It will be the most intense training you may have ever had. I know I'm a better researcher now because of it.


A. Fisher




For anyone who has never done any tracking, I would highly recommend this tracking class. As a bigfoot researcher, I was unfamiliar with tracking techniques but afterward I felt more competent to track. It's a good thing as about a month later, after five years of research in one location, I located a print in a fire ant mound. From there I was able to track this creature through a swamp and found where it left markers on the ground. In backtracking, I found evidence of footprints as well. I felt confident in what I was finding due to what I learned in the class. Besides gaining tracking knowledge, the classes are enjoyable and I am so glad I didn't let this opportunity pass.


W. Ford




The most important thing I learned from this tracking school was how much I had to learn!  I went from being virtually blind to what was in front of me to slowly seeing the light. Once you become aware of it there's so much to see on the ground in front of you. How did this happen? What did this? Why is this different? There's no getting around it -- any creature with feet is going to make changes to the most of the things it steps on as it walks through this world. Our challenge is to learn how to see those changes, and this course is great kick start to your learning how to see them.


C. Peterson

North Carolina



I would like to express my gratitude for providing the members of BFRO the opportunity to attend your training session "Mantracking" with a special session on "Bigfoot Tracking"  I was impressed with your team's ability to provide such in-depth knowledge of tracking techniques.  I really enjoyed the "hands on" mantracking techniques which were performed by the SE BFRO in both daylight and nighttime situations. We learned a great deal in the proper use of tracking tools, sign identification, and how to track in all types of terrain and groundcovers.  Most importantly, the SE BFRO Tracking Team learned how to function efficiently and effectively as a team. Our team was provided with many training aids including CDs to take home with us to continue our training. This training is a great asset when investigating BF activity in my region. I look forward to attending additional training sessions when they become available. I would recommend Leigh Culver's "Man Tracking" course to anyone who would like to track man or beast.


D. Tart
South Carolina




I would like to extend my thanks for allowing me to participate in your man-tracker course.  I found the materials covered and the experience gained to be invaluable to my current outdoor interests.  I would recommend this class to anyone who is interested in tracking man or animal, or anyone who likes to spend time in the woods.  The class has made me much more aware of my surroundings and much more able to decipher events that happened on the ground prior to my presence.  I look forward to any refresher courses or intermediate courses you may offer in the future.


R. McLain




I would like to extend my thanks for having the privilege of attending your course on man tracking. The material presented is pertinent to anyone who spends any time in the outdoors and has served to make me even more comfortable in an outdoor environment. The additional information on survival, first aid, and navigation are essential to anyone who goes off the beaten path. I was very impressed with the course content and the quality and knowledge of the subject conveyed by you and the other instructors.


I would highly recommend this course to anyone. Being able to find, read and follow a trail should be a basic skill to anyone who hunts, fishes, backpacks, or just enjoys getting outside. Thank you again for the level of instruction, the course materials for further at home study, and the high level of professionalism of everyone involved.


M. Collins




I was fortunate to have participated in your tracking class this past Fall in North Georgia. Being a Forest Giant / Big Foot researcher, I found the techniques you and Matt Pruitt taught to be extremely useful in tracking in daylight and at night. The in-depth knowledge you and Matt passed on to us in such a short amount of time was wonderful. Your presentations, handouts and Ďhands-oní training made the class enjoyable and informative.  Your techniques taught us the proper use of tracking tools, sign identification, and how to track in all types of terrain and groundcovers. You placed people working together in groups and we learned how to function efficiently and effectively as a team. I have stressed to all of our board members and listeners on our web-based radio program how necessary this class is if you are truly going to be a field researcher. Using the skills you and Matt taught us allows researchers to have people on a site within a short amount of time to follow tracks and possibly get positive data on Forest Giants / Big Foot.  I look forward to attending additional training sessions when they become available. I would recommend Leigh Culver's "Man Tracking" course to anyone who wants to enhance their tracking skills and become a better researcher.


J. Helbert



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