Survival Basics


Keep your face to the sunshine and you never see the shadow.

                                                                       --Helen Keller


Survival Basics I

The Survival Basics I class is for any person who may find him/herself in a wilderness survival situation.  Hikers, backpackers, climbers, hunters, off-roaders, pilots, tactical operators and SAR personnel all will benefit from this course. 


Survival Basics I is oriented to both inexperienced or moderately experienced persons and is designed to help you become more competent and self-reliant in the outdoors.  If you intend to spend time in the backcountry having some basic survival know-how is a good idea.  You don’t necessarily need to become the ultimate survivalist; however, you do need some basic knowledge in this area.  Each year, all over North America, experienced campers and backpackers make bad decisions that result in their deaths.  Avoid becoming a statistic by becoming “survival-aware.” 


Class Topics

  • Prevention

  • Preparation

  • Psychology

  • Shelter

  • Fire

  • Water

  • Food

  • Weather Factors

  • Getting Found

  • Useful Tools

  • Creating a Survival Kit

Class Options

  • 3 hour (Lecture Only)

  • 1-2 day (Lecture and Field Training)



Survival Basics II

The Survival Basics II picks up where the Survival Basics I leaves off. This class is where you will put your new found skills to use for 3 to 5 days out in the wilderness.


This class utilizes modern survival know-how coupled with primitive skills. Don't let your adventure turn into an epic. Learn the basics of wilderness survival.


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