Sasquatch Field

Research Manual

Never stop because you are afraid - you are never so likely to be wrong.

                                                                                     --Fridtjof Nansen 

As field researchers we have been very successful at having repeated close encounters with the sasquatch.  The reason for this is due to the fact that we use very innovative methods in our operations.  Our operational methods are dictated by our primary research goal which is different than most other research groups.  Whereas most research groups' primary goal is to prove the existence of the sasquatch, our primary goal is human/sasquatch interaction

We've been in the process of writing a sasquatch field research manual for some time.  Our original plan was to publish the manual as a hard copy.  We've decided, however, that we would publish some of the manual online as a series of articles.  It is our hope that you will find something of use here for you as a researcher.  We would, also, like to hear from you.  Feel free to send us your comments, suggestions or ideas.  Just click on the article titles to read.





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