Nature Awareness

& Camouflage


We don't see things as they are, we see them as we are.

                                                                                --Anais Nin

This 16 hour course will train you to increase your environmental perception and awareness, as well as, how to use basic camouflage and concealment techniques in order to disappear into your surroundings. 

We modern humans, living in an urban environment, tend to use our sight in a very passive manner. That is we tend to see only bright colors, sharp edges and distinct shapes. When we move into the natural environment we are often unprepared to see the obvious much less the obscure. In order to operate in the natural environment we must become an active viewer in that we must train ourselves in the habit of looking carefully and aggressively for those elements which makes things visible to us. This course will help you to do just that.

Search and rescue specialists will find this course helpful in improving how you look at the environment when searching for missing, injured or unconscious persons. Tactical operators will find this course helpful in improving your skill in avoiding observation, or in searching for evaders, booby traps and IEDs.


Sasquatch field researchers will learn how to better "see" when in the natural environment and how to better conceal themselves when necessary. This course, however, isnít just for the specialist. It is for anyone who wishes to increase their nature awareness when in the wilderness, as well as, gain the ability to quickly disappear into the bush unseen. 


The following topics will be introduced:

  • Nature Awareness                                                     TEST YOURSELF HERE

  • Elements of Visual Perception                      

  • Perception and Patternicity                                                 ANSWER

  • Camouflage and Concealment

  • The importance of shape, form, color and texture

  • The use of positive and negative space

  • The importance and use of intuition

This course will be the most fun youíve had in the woods since playing hide and seek as a kid. Join in on the fun and inquire about a Nature Awareness & Camouflage course today.




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