People can visit sacred shrines and imagine the spirits and the murmur of the voices of past generations. Likewise, we should go into natural places and imagine the spirits and murmurs of future generations hoping to experience the diversity of nature.
                                                                                                                  --Paul Dayton

We are a Georgia based team of investigators/researchers from diverse backgrounds with a keen interest in the sasquatch phenomenon.  We have all been associated with, or members of, other sasquatch research organizations in the past and we still work closely with several such organizations today.  The goal of most sasquatch research organizations is to pursue the proactive collection of empirical data and physical evidence, thus, documenting the evidence of sasquatch.  Though, this is a shared goal of ours, it is not our primary goal.  Our primary goal is human/sasquatch interaction and what can be learned from that interaction.  This means we operate differently than most other researchers.


You won�t find us on too many forums discussing or debating the �this and that� of the sasquatch phenomenon.  We are extremely action oriented and we spend a great deal of our time in the field pursuing our work.  When in the field we tend to operate deeper in the wilderness than most other groups and for days at a time.  Over several years of intense field work we have developed a sasquatch profile.  By using this profile we have developed novel methods of increasing our contact with sasquatch populations.  We have been very successful with this and we have had several encounters culminating in prolonged close contact with the sasquatch.


One of the corner stones of our research is the use of track and sign interpretation, as well as, nature observation and awareness.  It is our firm belief that a field researcher must have, at a minimum, some basic rudimentary tracking and nature awareness skills.  We felt so strongly about this that we instituted a tracker training program in 2004 for individuals who were sasquatch researchers.  Over time we expanded this program to include organizations such as the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization (BFRO) and other such groups.  In 2010 the Enigma Research Group was officially created to expand the scope of this practice.  Enigma Research Group is a field training organization through our parent company, Professional Tracking Institue LLC, as well as, a field researsh organization.  As researchers we do have the support of several institutions for empirical data and laboratory analysis.


Everyone on our team is well versed in tracking, survival, land navigation, forensic evidence handling and field research skills and we enjoy sharing these skills with other researchers.  We teach the same skills that are taught to field biologists, search and rescue teams, law enforcement and the military. We stand by our work and everyone who has undergone our training programs have spoken highly of the training.  If you wish to expand your skill-set as a sasquatch field researcher you have come to the right place.


If you, or someone you know, has had a sasquatch encounter and you would like it investigated do contact us.  We primarily operate in the southeastern United States; however, if we are unable to physically come to your location we can put you in contact with other investigators around the country who can follow-up with an investigation.


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