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In 2004 we were the first to create a tracker training program for the sasquatch field researcher.  Now we have accomplished another first; we've created two DVDs with hours of relevant tracking information oriented to the sasquatch field researcher.  Click the links below for more information.







What researchers say about our Tracking 1 video . . .


The Enigma Research Group has produced an excellent training DVD on the art and science of tracking, applicable to Bigfoot research. I just watched it from beginning to end and can say that I feel that everyone who wants to conduct field research of this type should have this video, show it at your meetings if in a group or convince the Enigma Group members to come and talk at conferences and symposiums. The video runs just over 2 hours in length and is logically divided up in subject matter for easy dissemination.


Many of the signs that people have been observant on are addressed in this video, including log walking by Sasquatch, butt prints, tool usage, kill sites, hair collection, twist offs and stick formations. I did not find one thing to disagree on and actually learned a few new things from this DVD. What did I learn? As one example, with the use of a tracking stick one can quickly discern the difference in track stride lengths, from left to right, where a marked difference may indicate an injury of some kind where the shorter is being favored over the other. There were a few more in this DVD besides this one but I won't spoil things for those who have not seen it. Anyone who gets the chance to get a copy should do so and those who are in charge of getting speakers at conferences... try and get these guys to speak at them.


Richard Noll

Edmonds, Washington




I finally got to finish the Tracking 1 Video. I was so glad to see something like this because the reality is some of the information from class was forgotten and using this as an archive is invaluable. As for the content This, to me, is the definitive beginners guide to tracking Bigfoot. This video along with the class, which was also fantastic, is an outstanding way to begin developing your skills as a tracker. You and your team were very professional, and massively knowledgeable about the subject. I would highly recommend this to anyone in the field or thinking of venturing into it. I look forward to furthering my knowledge with you and your team.

Willie Douglas
Central Florida




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